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11 Years of Success

People often ask us why we are different.  It’s a good question.  We definitely think differently from most training and coaching providers. We regularly challenge the “common wisdom” when it comes to business models and the way we assess the resources of your people.

We don’t do standard run of the mill trainings because they are boring and ineffectual. The standard uptake of most corporate training is less than 15%.

This would be unacceptable to us and we won’t play if we don’t think there is an outcome to be attained.

We are different because we understand the finer distinctions of human cognition and behaviour that make people and problems predictable within an organisation.

Some of our approaches are unique in this country.  We also recognise and work with the elephant in the room. As much as people would like to think they leave their personal and emotional lives at home, it doesn’t happen in the real world and we are often influenced heavily by our biases, our emotions, our unconscious strategies and our cognitive style which remains largely unchanged throughout our lives if we don’t do something to change it.

IHT has been in the business of transforming companies, teams, individuals and even lives for the past 11 years.

Why not call us and see what we can do for you?

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Our Clients Talk About IHT

“For any Senior Manager who is interested in learning how to manage for high performance, and understand how you can get more out of life (career and personal), this course offers very easy practical methods of achieving just that.

My only regret is not having done this course years ago as I now know I could have eliminated the stresses you often place on yourself and others as you advance up that corporate ladder.”

Narelle Campbell
National Circulation Manager, Fairfax Business Media

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The Mythbuster Keynotes

Want a speaker who can invigorate and inspire? Do you have a conference or strategy day to organise and want something different – entertaining but still organisationally productive.

Here are some topics

1 – The Seven Myths of Stress

As much as we try to ignore it, stress and anxiety take a considerable toll on staff and productivity. Stress is often considered to be a useful phenomena that can be used to motivate and activate performance. But this carries with it an emotional and financial cost. Stress leads people to make mistakes, perform inconsistently, and eventually burn out, often draining knowledgeable and effective personnel from your company.

2 – The Inspiring Myth of Motivation

Most people start out motivated when they come in to a job. The real issue is how do you maintain that motivation. Some companies actively promote stress and fear. Others spend millions of dollars on largely unused gyms and staff amenities. The key is much simpler.  Proactive management.

3 – The Myth of Personality

Many companies are working hard to try to understand the strengths and limitations of their people. Many have turned to personality profiling to secure more understanding but how helpful are these studies really? What science actually backs them up, and how does one ensure that the results are not being misused or overstated?








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Our Clients

Our Clients